Who are we ?
After spending 12 years developing careers, and seeing how the market was evolving, we thought we could do better!
It is in Dublin that we decided to settle down, following the many collaboration opportunities that the city offers thanks to the installation of large groups.
We are developing all of Europe.

Really protected models
  • Transparency
  • Free internet presence
  • Guaranteed minimum wage (*)
  • Employee or freelance contract (*)
  • Advantageous mutual insurance (*)
  • Provident (*)

  • Innovative
    Thanks to a new platform, available soon, you will be able to find in the same place all the information that is essential to you and facilitate the management of your career.

    How to apply:
  • 18 years old minimum
  • 172 cm for women
  • 180 cm for men

  • Beginning models will be invited to a casting session in Paris

    (*) The nature of the contracts will depend on the nationality of the models. The models will benefit from a mutual fund and a pension plan according to the agency's terms. Wages will be guaranteed with a minimum corresponding to the minimums practiced in the countries where the models will exercise.